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Holiday Pantry Organizing

Instead of letting things pile on and add clutter to your holiday, keep it organized - even in the kitchen! Here's how....

Find a spot, ideally in your pantry/kitchen, to place a bin for all holiday meal or party foods. This way you don’t forget those specialty foods for your party and the family knows that particular food is off limits until the event. Think, dressing mix, cranberry sauce, snacks, drinks and etc…

Remember to label the bin “Entertainment”. This label gets you through all seasons.

You can also use this idea in your refrigerator for perishable foods.

We like the XL Yweave bin from Target.

XL basket for organizing

An ideal for the bin prepping for an upcoming party in a SMALL SPACE would be a collapsible, easy to store, bin.

Small countertop basket for kitchen organizing


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